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Toll Violation Information

A Toll Violation occurs when a driver does not pay the proper toll. Under the South Carolina Code of Laws as amended, the owner and operator of the vehicle are jointly and severally liable for a toll violation if the toll is not paid.
A violation notice is sent to the vehicle’s registered owner at the address on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the state in which the vehicle is registered. The violation notice requires payment for the toll due and an administrative fee. Failure to pay/respond to the instructions on the violation notice will result in additional administrative fees and suspension of the vehicles’ registration.
If you believe you have received a violation notice in error, follow the instructions provided on the second page of your violation form (Affidavit of Non-Liability), or call (864) 527-2155 or 1-866- PAL-PASS.
You can pay a toll violation in three ways: by phone, by mail, or online.
  • By Phone - If you would like to pay your violation(s) by phone, please have your violation notice(s) ready along with valid credit card information. Call the Southern Connector, Mon-Fri, 9:00am - 5:00pm at 864-527-2155 or 1-866-725-7277and ask to speak with a violations representative.
  • By Mail - The second page of your violation notice is the PAYMENT PAGE. You may pay by credit card, check, or money order. Do NOT send cash. Fill-in your credit card information or enclose your payment payable to Connector 2000 Association. Payments made by mail should be sent to the address shown on the violation notice. 
Note: Violation(s) must be paid by the due date to avoid additional administrative fees. We cannot be held responsible for mailing delays. Please be sure to enclose the payment page(s) with your violation payment(s). Failure to enclose the payment page will result in your payment(s) being applied to the oldest violation(s) you have on record.
  • Online - Have your notice ready and go to our online payment form. This secure form will ask for your violation number and valid credit card information. Submitting this form electronically transmits the collected data to the Southern Connector payment processing offices. Your violation payment will be credited within one business day. A printable confirmation page will be provided after submitting your violation payment. 
NOTE: If you have more than one Toll Violation notice you will need to submit a form for each individual violation number to resolve all of your violations online. Do NOT consolidate your payments. Consolidated payments can only be handled over the phone with a customer service representative or by mail.
In the event you have a Palmetto Pass yet still received a Toll Violation Notice please be aware that our scanners record both Pal Pass and license plate information. It is possible that the license plate of the vehicle receiving the violation notice is not on file in your account. A violation notice will also be automatically generated if the funds in your Palmetto Pass account were insufficient at the time of the toll transaction.
Please contact customer service or update your account information online.