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About Us

The Southern Connector is the Upstate's most forward-thinking roadway that makes I-85 and I-385 look like parking lots. It's the pain relief from US 25. The sanctuary from SC 20. The Connector was conceived and constructed to relieve congestion on main traffic arteries, provide easier highway access, and stimulate growth to the generally under-developed area communities surrounding Greenville, South Carolina. Our goal is to get you where you're going - faster and safer while attracting and supporting the growth of this region.

The metropolitan Greenville revolution that started many years ago was carefully and thoughtfully planned, as is the Southern Connector. Linking Simpsonville, Mauldin, and its surrounds to the major traffic branches in and out of the city has expanded the developmental corridor southward. Although the dividends of this undertaking will be realized over time, the Southern Connector is already playing a pivotal role in the continued vitalization of these outlying areas. New business, residential, and retail construction projects are well underway with more to follow.

Our Mission

The Southern Connector's mission is to facilitate safe, efficient, and convenient commuter, shipping and leisure traveler access to, through and around Greater Greenville and Upstate South Carolina by operating, maintaining and servicing the Southern Connector toll road. We at the Southern Connector realize the addition of a major toll road may not be the most eventful thing that has ever happened in the Upstate. However, we firmly believe our highway will become as familiar, identifiable, and synonymous with the wave of prosperity that will follow in its path!