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Safe Driving Tips

Drive Safe. Drive Smart.
While traveling on the Southern Connector or any other major highway, we advise you to be familiar with these tips:

Car trouble? Pull over to the right.

In the event of a breakdown, try to pull your vehicle to the extreme right-hand side of the highway’s shoulder. When possible, avoid getting out of the vehicle. If you have a mobile phone, use it to call for assistance.

Signal your intentions.

Navigate lane changes, on and off ramps, and exits by showing other drivers your intent. Do not assume other drivers will see you. Do not assume other drivers will always signal you. The lack of use of turn signals is a prime cause of highway accidents.

Be a courteous driver.

The best way to deter "road rage" is by following some general courtesy guidelines. Avoid cutting drivers off, following too close, braking in front, driving slowly in the left-hand lane, tailgating, and any offensive gestures.

Mind animal crossings.

This is especially true at dusk and dawn. If you do encounter an animal in the road, attempt to blow your horn rather than flash your lights. Flashing your headlights may cause the animal to further fixate on the vehicle.

Brake rather than swerve.

If you feel you might strike another vehicle, animal, or debris on the highway, brake first. If you try to swerve you run the risk of losing control of your own vehicle. Don't "pump" anti-lock brakes. Instead, press the brake pedal as hard as you can until you stop.

Get off the phone.

The statistics are mounting, the common sense was always there. Driving and cellphones don't mix. Stay alert. Keep your mind on the road. If you must use your cellphone, pull over. And never, never, never, text and drive.

Don't drive tired.

Before a long trip, be sure to get plenty of rest the night before. Tiredness slows reaction time and impairs judgment. On long trips, take a break every two hours or so in order to refresh. Don’t think sleep fatigue is a problem for you? Take our sleep quiz to find out.

Drive defensively.

Be aware of your surroundings, allow ample braking distance, use your turn signals, check your mirrors, slow down in rain, turn your lights on, obey signs and speed limits, come to complete stops, and of course ... watch out for the other guy.